2D Camera for Solar2D

It’s all well and good having a drivable car but what’s better than 1 car? 2 cars!

But we don’t want to just stop there do we, we need a camera! For this game I’m going for a sort of Micro Machines feel but with an overhead-helicopter camera so below you’ll be able to drive two cars around and have the camera follow them.

Arrow keys and spacebar to control car 1, WASD and Z to control car 2. You can then toggle the camera focus between the cars with 1 and 2, or zoom in and out with the X and C keys.

There is an odd bug you’ll see when you reach the centre – the camera rotates very fast – however this is a downstream problem.

I’m pretty happy with the camera as is, however I do want to add a little bit of shake to it so as to not have a completely static helicopter but again, that’s a problem for another day.

If you want to use the camera in your projects you can download it from here and get the demo project here.


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